survival sex...ever heard of it?

so i have a project this semester for my juvenile delinquency class.

the ratio of glbt (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender) homeless youth to their heterosexual counterparts and the risks associated with being a homeless sexual minority.

there are two findings i have come across...

1) being a homeless sexual minority is risker...for their health, safety and well-being...duh, that's a no brainer.

2) the term 'survival sex.' no! it is not prostitution.

survival sex: exchange sex for money, food, drugs, shelter, clothing and more.
-typically not by choice-

prostitution: sex for money or drugs
-more often by choice-

now yes, these are generic definitions but you get the idea. i know some women go into prostitution for survival, but! that is not the main reason unlike survival sex.
also, survival sex is the term coined for homeless youth.

from a study of 670 homeless youth, 150 considered themselves apart of the GLB community (they did not ask about transgendered youth) of that 150 nearly half were asked to participate in survival sex compared to only 25% on the non-glb homeless youth.


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