the past six days...all of my favorite things

this past week, i have had soooooooo many facebook statuses that i think deserve a spot in this blog.
the past six days have been in one word: nonrefundable. every minute has been insanely amazing.

starting with the first status of the week...

may 23:

one rule: work related only. no talking...no laughing, no 'i wins', no nothing! epic win today at the deli.

may 24:

these are my thoughts: "ksgdhepqotnuq304t9u3orgkj3tou nretiu30"...yeah, i don't know either.

-this night was a little tough to get through, but so incredible at the same time.

may 25:

...'yeah, be jealous, i have facebook on ma phone.'-donnie keeney


tonight was very much needed.

may 26:

...obviously sleeping is overrated. let me just stare at a blank black ceiling.


'you're looking like a tool not a bawler, you're acting like a chick, why bother? i can find someone way hotter...cause i'm done with the ways thats you've messed up'

-one part of my week that wasn't great, but hey, ke$ha knows what i'm talking about

babysitting! so longs! the park! dara's! 'tigers hate pepper, they love cinnamon!' tuttle! sonic! and all with my favorite birthday boy...happy birthday donnie keeney

may 27: his actual birthday

'lots of love too.' 'more lies.'

-yeah arrested development!

may 28:

...the last 10 minutes of my life was quite a dilemma, to get food or not to get food? then! ice cream was found in the freezer, crisis now over.

-the week started to catch up with me, haha...this was just funny.

may 29:

i have been waiting for two years to watch green street hooligans! i finally have it and still can't finish it....baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


wow...i am a failure

-not as dramatic as it sounds

may 30:

'it makes me happy to know none of us have a how-to guide, we're all just kinda winging it'-ps


loving them when they don't deserve it...not hard to do, it's loving them when they do.

-this is related to the ke$ha lyric status

but! to end this amazing roller coaster of facebook statuses i have this...

the konza!!! right now...amazing! i love rain, and donnie, and peter, and not the guy in the dark robe chasing us. aaaaand(uh) rocking out to queen! great night.

these just hit the highlights, there were so many other great parts to the week.

'don't stop me now i'm having such a good time, i'm having a ball...'


contrary to popular belief

naturally depressed?...i think so

well, shoot.

it just won't go away

ignoring it
fighting it
moving on from it

it just keeps coming back


i think this means i am cared about...

i am a 'reserved exception.'
what does this even mean?
i honestly do not understand.


'kindness is loving people more than they deserve.'

when someone realizes this... do they stop trying, or do they keep going?..when the person obviously does not deserve anything else from you?


we have a pretty good thing going

so, you know the phrase, 'words cannot express...?'
welp, i have finally gained something...or i guess someone that i can say this sentence about.
i have been asked why we're friends, what i like about them, or what makes us click and i for the life of me cannot give a concrete answer.
yes! i can ramble on and on about this person trying to collect my thoughts, but really! i have nothing to say that can even give our friendship justice.
i honestly don't know how i feel about this because usually people can talk about their friends and have so many amazing things to say, which i can, but it would just come out a jumbled mess,but i also think that is what our friendship can be sometimes; a jumbled mess.
but! it is also.........ahhh! see, i can't even think of anything that can describe this.
it's kinda refreshing that i have no words.
all i know is, this friendship makes me so happy and i'm really nervous for our next chapter.


walking in the rain with you while missing the smell of your t-shirt

oh yeah, he has a very very very bad temper.
he can start hitting things or people.
he gets violent.
it happens quite a bit (not hitting people to make that clear)
when he's mad, he shuts the world out.
and if someone try's to get in, he rips them apart.
also, he never takes responsibility for anything he does.
and i know, he would love that i am telling you this, but this is proving how well i know him.
yeah, he just, i dunno, doesn't know how to receive love
however, his love language is physical touch.
just wrap your arm around his and he'll calm down.


let it go, smile,

sometimes the person we want to be worth it too. doesn't even care.

you're with me!

there are too many prayers that get unanswered.
every day we ignore how completely broken this world is.
and we tell ourselves that we are going to be okay, but it’s not okay.
and once you know that, there’s no going back.
there is no magic in the world

though i disagree with this statement, i used to believe in it wholeheartedly.
i miss this mindset sometimes.


those where old days, and

that's what old days are; they’re old. days.

they’re gone.


late night convo epiphanies.

'man, i forgot how well i knew you in high school.'-me

'yep... almost too well.'-t

'everyone needs that person though, who knows them too well'-me

'a lot has changed since then.'-t

'she has brown hair and brown eyes'...'is it you?'

'needs less bangs'-tommy

'what? you don't like them?'-me

'yes. i guess it is just not the emily i'm used to.'-tommy

i haven't talked to him in 6 years.
i had the biiiiiiiiiigest crush on him freshman year...instead, he dated my best friend...who also had brown hair and brown eyes


'you have to go for what you want in life...'

life isn't simple, it's complicated.
we're all just thrown in here together, in a world full of chaos and confusion, a world full of questions and no answers... and whether you succeed or you fail, the most important thing is to have
tried, and apparently no one will guide you in the right direction, in
the end you have to learn for yourself.
you have to grow up yourself."


the writer...

you wait for a silence
i wait for a word
lying next to your frame
girl unobserved
you change your position
you're changing me
casting these shadows
where they shouldn't be

we're interrupted
by the heat of the sun
trying to prevent
what's already begun
you're just a body
i can smell your skin
and when i feel it
you're wearing thin

but i've got a plan
why don't you be the artist
and make me out of clay?
why don't you be the writer
decide the words i say?
cause i'd rather pretend
i'll still be there at the end
only it's too hard to ask
Won't you try to help me?

sat on your sofa
it's all broken springs
this isn't the place for
those violin strings
i try out a smile
and i aim it at you
you must have missed it
you always do

but i've got a plan
why don't you be the artist
and make me out of clay?
why don't you be the writer
decide the words i say?
cause i'd rather pretend
i'll still be there at the end
only it's too hard to ask
won't you try to help me?

you wait, i wait
casting shadows
interrupted (x4)

why don't you be the artist
and make me out of clay?
why don't you be the writer
decide the words i say?
cause i'd rather pretend
i'll still be there at the end
only it's too hard to ask
won't you try to help me?
won't you try to help me?
won't you try to help me?


why don't you be the writer...


"if you know me well, you know that i am a determined free spirit who chooses to be happy, i love a 'nothing else like it,' album, and i can't stand when people don't listen."-d

"if you know me well, you know that i am kind and an outgoing introvert, i love, and i can't stand people not taking me for who i am."-sk

"if you know me well, that means you've gotten through, i love my lord, and i can't stand people who don't trust."-sc

"if you know me well, you know that i am hooked on her, i love the act of sex, and i can't stand loneliness,clingyness, and lack of complete appreciation for the beauty around us."-g

"if you know me well, you know i truly lack hope; though i hide it well, i love to question everything and challenge authority, i can't stand when people choose to see only one side of me."-e
...i'll still be there at the end