spangles poor wording

one of spangles commercials that is promoting one of their ice cream treats is so ridiculous and everytime i see it, i just think, 'who wrote this?' because it is just bad.
this is what they say...not word for word, but you'll get the gist.

'try our new caramel sliders, featuring one of our classic toppings...caramel.'

oh wait, you mean there is going to be caramel on a caramel slider?...really? i was almost expecting them to say chocolate.

i hate that commercial. it is so stupid and redundant.


want honesty

i had a self discovery yesterday...ready?
i cut when i am to scared to say how i really feel.
which is crazy because i am a very blunt, stubborn girl.
so, i'm going to be honest, here we go.
i got completely manipulated by the person closest to me...and you know what, i know i have been manipulated before, but this one isn't even on the radar, i don't even know how to handle this situation. this person who i will always love has dropped off the deep end and is not stable right now, but even the most unstable person knows how to treat their friends.
i am furious and there could be billion and three hundred reasons why...one; i am tired of a one-way friendship, for me and my health i cannot handle it anymore, two; they totally and 100% lied to me and i know it happens with this person and i can usually fluff it off, but not this time.
when it comes to this friendship, i have put walls and barriers up to distance myself and to protect myself from getting truly hurt, so how in the world is this still a friendship?...because i have way to much history with this person and i know deep down i can't get through life without them.
here's some more honesty...i relapsed about a week and a half ago and it is being taken care of, so readers...relax. there is no deep emotional thing triggering it, i just want to, i need to want to stop and right now, i don't, but really the right people know and i am getting help.
it is crazy because the two things i am struggling with and that are really affecting me right now are not the triggers, the two biggest things that might be cutting quality...if that exists, i will not give the satisfaction in making me cut, i will either not give these two people that control over me, or make them feel bad or feel responsible for my relapse, because that is not fair to them,one person in particular.
at the same time it isn't that crazy because that is what i have done my entire life as a cutter, i viewed myself as not important, people..being my friends...have to much other crap in their lives, they don't need to hear about mine. in no way is my cutting their fault, this is all me and how i viewed myself...unimportant, not worthy and a burden.
the things i needed to be honest about are these two things...a specific friendship and why i really cut...it only took nine years to finally come clear.

zac efrons hat fell off

in my last post i rambled on about the highs and lows of the oscars, well here is a glimpse of them, if you missed it and near the end watch zac's hat fall off...it's kinda funny.


the oscars; only the important, ironic, and funny parts

so far hugh jackman is doing a great job...the opening act was hilarious, making 'his own' skit because the oscars didn't have enough money because of the recession to make an opening act just put a good vibe in the room, and helped the tension, just like in 2002 with september 11...nice work! and introducing all the top actors and actresses...now that is just 1st class.

and bringing in past clips of award winners, how awesome. the person who usually presents the award is the winner from the past year...not this year.

'it's not easy being a nun,'-whoopie goldburg introducing amy adams...that was funny.
best dress has to be...penelope cruz...exquisite
-she was nominated for vicki christina barcelona and won best supporting actress

tina fey and steve martin...so great doing a voice monolouge being typed out
'to write is to live forever'-t.f
'the person who wrote that is dead.'-s.m

the writers of the oscars have turned the show into a series of skits...brilliant.

for the two speechs by the winners so far...they will be hard to beat, these first two speeches weren't full of thankyous, but words of wisdom and heart, and what the love of film does for people all over the world
tally-vicki christina barcelona-1
slumdog millionaire-1-adaptation

'once a year i do a job for dreamworks, take all their money and take it to the oscars and bet it all on pixar'-jack black.

jennifer aniston....you get like a negative 2 on presenting wall-e with their oscar...that was bad.

the oscars are doing a great job of reliving the past in film, the show is very different this year...mainly to boost ratings, but they are doing it very well, i might not be a fan of all the nominations or lack there of, but the show as of right now is a perfect 10.

tally mark cont.
wall-e- 1-animated film
benjamin button-1-art direction
the duchess-1-costume design

mr.bond keeps messing up his lines...lame, if james bond can beat ass-kickings on a regualr basis an maybe even death he should be able to read from a teleprompter.

finally a double tally
benjamin button-2-makeup...lamest speech so far, he didn't seem happy whatsoever

'i had to become a vampire to find the right woman'-the one and only edward cullen talking abut love and introducing the video montage of love in 2008,-pause- oh my gosh, high school musical 3 made the montage...wow,-pause- twice,-pause- make that 3 times. i mean, i love me some zac efron, but you can't compare hsm to all the other incredible movies that actually had a chance for a nomination.

ben stiller is making fun of joaquin pheonix....hahahaha
'i heard slumdog millionaire was shot entirely on a cell phone'-ben stiller

another double tally
slumdog millionaire-2-cinimatography..the winner just called the oscar statue a 'thing', are you kidding it is not a 'thing' it is the oscar statue

jessica beil...gross, but informative.
she's all special because she hosted the award show that represesnts the best of the best of fillm technology...i don't know what it's called
-why i bring her up, her dress was sick and not flattering.

i love when the oscars make fun of themselves which is soppose to be funny, but they never nominate comedies...is that ironic?

that was so awesome, the two sets of love birds from mama mia and high school musical just made a cameo at the oscars. hugh jackman is right, the muscial is having a comeback, i was watching that little musical number not being impressed, but then zac showed up and all was right in the world.

i love when they bring history into the show, it just makes it all the better.
'that's enough from taking the parts from the black people man' cuba gooding jr. on robert downey jr. being a white american playing a white austraillian playing a black american...did you get that?

-why is phillip seymore hoffman wearing a hat? why, i don't understand...so silly and then christopher walken...what's with the hair?

tally update
heath ledgar- 1-dark knight for best supporting actor...so great, the oscars never do that, this is huge!

did anyone else see brad pitt get teary eyed?

hey, religulous guy, was that necissary...pretty sure that wasn't on the teleprompter...boohoo you didn't get nominated, don't say that on stage.

a guy just balanced the head of the statue on his chin...really?

is a car...fast-speed chase montage really necissary?, oh wait, it just turned into all the action of 2008...nevermind very necissary.

'take brad pitt and turn him into a garden gnome,'-will smith

tally update
a triple threat
benjamin button-3-special effects

another double
dark knight-2-sound effect

slumdog just got their third!
slumdog millionaire-3-sound mixing

-and they just got their forth for film editing!!!

clearly you can tell i am rooting for this movie

'i didn't know doing something kind for someone meant getting accomidations for that...until now," jerry lewis

that would be slumdogs 4th award...best score
and zac efron presented...a win-win

-i can say this about the oscars, this year they brought in more culture this year then they have ever from slumdog millionaire to milk.

and slumdog millionair just won their 5th oscar for best song...life is so good right now, plus zac efron oh man, i am all smiles!

benjamin button-3
dark knight-2
the dutchess-1
vicki christina barcelona-1

in memorium is my favorite part of the oscars!
i think because it is history passing before my eyes and these people made a difference because they will be remembered with what they left behind.

it only took them about three hours to bring up politics and the new administration

good for you reese witherspoon putting ben stiller in his place...go back to the 8:32mark.

count that number 6 for slumdog millionaire-best director!

the final run down
and the oscar goes to...

kate winslet....finally! for best actress
'dad wistle or something?'..that was precious.

sean penn...for best actor
'you commie, homo-loving suns of guns.'...said twice.
he is who i wanted to win!...woo hoo

which gives milk 2 wins

comparing the best picture noms with past winners...awesome, that was such a great montage, very clever

slumdog millionaire...best pitcure, which would make the most awards won this year with 7!!!

the oscars were truely magical this year!

reproduction...not what you think

i forgot how hilarious this scene was...oh man, grease 2, so silly


revelation #7

when your love language is gift giving, having no money makes it pretty difficult...i just thought i would put that out there, since gift giving is my showing love language.


the climb

this is miley cyrus's latest single, and you can tell that it is her transition song. it isn't pop-like, it has a slight country sound.
This is her showing the world she is ready to move forward with her life...it is equivalent to britney spears's, 'i'm not a girl, not yet a woman.' however, if this is the future miley, i am a little nervous.
this video is not good, the thing that keeps it above water is miley herself and the voice she carries!
her voice maybe pretty amazing, but what she lacks you can see in her body movements. She clearly isn't used to this type of song...if you have ever watched her do choreographed moves to her other songs they are always very stiff and awkward.
you may like miley, you may hate her. i am rooting for her, because you can't argue that this girl doesn't have talent.

the best parts of the video are either the very beginning where she is not made up or anything and the lighting is dark, or at mark 3:15, where the transition in the video actually happens. these two sections you see just how beautiful miley cyrus is.

what a jerk



a few weeks ago in my fshs 550 class, 'the family' we watched an msnbc special on a man named tom green (no, not the comedian) this tom green is a polygamist.
okay, polygamy is a topic i do not really like talking about, because i don't want to give it the attention it doesn't deserve, like the phelps, but i need to write this out, so i can finally, maybe wrap my head around this thing called polygamy and how people around the world think it's okay.
some facts about this guy and his family we saw in the special
- most recent number of children: 33
-most recent number of wives: one (legally)...here is the kicker, he has five, but to not break the law, he would divorce the latest wife to marry the newest, so, if you asked him how many wives he had, he would say five, but legally, in the state of utah, he has one, the first, linda.
- he has had two mother/daughter combos: let me explain, he married four women (not recent wives), two of those women were his step-daughters, the only positive (if you can call it that), he was not married to all four at the same time.
- how he was finally convicted: not because of polygamy..that is extremely hard to prove, but two counts, one: each wife claimed to be a single mother to get more money from the government. two: rape, or marrying a child who is not yet legal. his first wife, linda, got pregnant at the age of 13. tom married her when she was 14. the proof, their oldest son, mason. his reasoning, "she was not a child."
- each wife has their own duties, the creepiest: linda (1st wife) is in charge of his nights, and which wife he will spend with that night.
- two of his wives are sisters (not mormon sisters) biological sisters.
- all of his wives grew up in a polygamist home.
- his reasoning's polygamy is okay: he will always defend his beliefs and religion, many wives + many children = eternal family life (one of the many beliefs polygamists hold...case in the 1953 trial.
- from what i noticed and some of my other classmates noticed, this man is a good husband and a good father, he loves his kids very much. most polygamy cases have to deal with high degrees of abuse on the wives, this one didn't.
- he lives in the desert in utah because he was basically excommunicated from his community
- to not commit bigamy each wife, with their own set of children have their own trailer.

okay, those are all the facts i remember and thought were most interesting, why i have an issue with this, being a woman, i don't understand how some women could share their husband, the 5th wife said this, "i would rather have 1/5 of him, then none at all," wow.
this guy has to watch his back everywhere he goes, and has to trick the system...go to point 2, 4, and 11, how does he still think it's okay? oh right, it's his beliefs...i forgot.
also, how can people who end up getting excommunicated from their homes, or ultimately frowned upon, think this is okay? right, you can ask that about missionaries, or why people do things other people don't, for example, my professor gave this specific example...you are in a group of friends that are all having sex, but you decide to wait till marriage, it's your belief.
okay, there are so many things wrong with that example in this situation i don't even know where to start, oh wait, yes i do...waiting till marriage to have sex unlike polygamy is not illegal. so, yeah, that example was shot down pretty quickly.
have i wrapped my head around this yet? not really and i don't think i ever will.

-lots and lots of sarcasm, but this just blows my mind.

super fun

i first have to give credit to nick for blogging about wordle...because it's pretty sweet!

i took one of my not so personal journals and put it int he wordle and this is how it turned out...it's cool

here it is smaller,

if you want to see it bigger click on the link

title="Wordle: friend zone"> src="http://www.wordle.net/thumb/wrdl/563653/friend_zone"
alt="Wordle: friend zone"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd">


i dunno

i haven't been blogging lately, because my life has been a little bit of a roller coaster, but there have been a ton of things that i have wanted to blog about. i just haven't taken the time to do so, so, here is the first thing, very small and not all that important, except the fact that it is extremely important...there is a difference between the terms; female/male, woman/man.
see, here's the thing...female and male are biological and woman and man are socially constructed.

now that, that is established, please don't confuse them...thanks.


a rivalry in itself

so i had this thought yesterday while watching glory road...
could there be a movie made about a rivalry team; unc/duke, texas/texas tech, ku/ksu, ohio/michigan state...whatever rivalry you want.
i discussed this with a friend of mine and this is the question that came about...with both of our sides.

how would you feel about a movie that was about a rivalry between sports in a university...like duke/unc, ku/ksu, texas tech/texas, etc. if you didn't go to either of those schools, or live in those states. Would you care? (my friends argument thinks people wouldn't)

think of all those inspirational movies about sports, do you think a movie about a rivalry could work for a film? (my argument is it would)

so, yes i messaged all my friends from different states and schools that aren't in kansas,plus a few ku/ksu fans, people who i know are not a fan of sports but like movies, high schoolers, and most of the out of college adults on my friends list...it really did not take that long, maybe 20 minutes.

and these are the results i have gotten so far with much explanation

35-yes (my side)
17-no(friends side)

now, here are many of the explanations i got, supporting both sides of the argument, in no way is this a snub towards my friend, i just thought it was interesting.

-it would have to be a comedy and light-hearted, so people don't get upset.
-i got like four votes for it needing to be a super dramatic movie.
-have to add a romantic plot.
-it would make a great documentary, but not a feature film.
- it would be interesting if the fans cared more about the rivalry then the players
-got a few votes for it being strictly sports, no romance
-it can have a rivalry, but put a main character and their struggle as a plot.
-a few people said something along the lines of...i could care less about a specific teams, but because of the history of the rivalry, i would see it and it would be interesting.
-it does depend on the schools...about four votes for that.
-the movie would work, because people would learn that both teams have something in common, rivalry or not.
-the history of the rivalry is important, there would have to be a little back story, don't expect people to research the history on their own.
-it's a sports movie...you can make an inspirational storyline with anything that has to do with sports.
-it has to be done right...about 5 votes.
-it would be really cool if the movie showed the intensity and pressure both teams have to go through, try and make it as unbiased as possible.

i like the last mark because a good point was brought up.
what if it were about unc/duke...would the movie end with a game unc wins or duke wins, and would the opposing fans hate the movie because their team didn't win?

what are your thoughts...as i get more messages i will add to the tallies


the younger generation

i was thinking about britney spears yesterday...just stay with me.
she will always have a special place in my heart, as well as n'sync, savage garden, and old school nickelodeon, maybe even christina aguilera and backstreet boys, but i was first and foremost a fan of the spears/sync duo. i remember the first land before time movie and yo-yo's and slap bracelets, do you remember pogs? there is also harry potter the series actually started with our generation, but i think has a bigger impact with the one after us.
now that i am 20, i think about the younger generation, the tweens of today and i ask myself when they are 20 years old will miley cyrus have a special place in their heart, will zak efron...oh geez, will high school musical and the phenomenon it made always be an amazing memory in their mind. Will the jonas brothers still take their breath away when they are my age. i sure hope so. will they still love edward cullin from twilight years down the road...i mean, he doesn't age right?
like me, i will always be a britney fan, i hope they can say the same about miley, just like the generation before us can say that about madonna.
this is how i see it, the generation before us was mtv.
our generation was nickelodeon.
the generation following us is clearly disney channel.


when i'm 30

where do i see myself in ten years...


everything else is up to the story god has already written for me

i guess you could say this was a revelation


revelation #6

i need excitement... i can't get that here.
i just realized, i hate kansas, i hate college, i hate being where i know everyone (not that i don't love you) it is just... my life is so boring.

when i am done with college, i am so gone.



"Westboro church members believe that God is punishing America for tolerating homosexuality."

-enough said

here's the article




today i got a card from a very dear friend of mine, that an infinite amount of words would still not be able to describe her, and yes, of course the card meant so much to me, but it was actually the quote on the envelope that hit me just a little bit more...hope you like it and it does something for you too!

"faith is realizing i am useful to god not in spite of my scars, but because of them."

if you want to fit my testimony in one sentence...there ya go, this is it!

thanks hannah