* i got one hand in my pocket and the other one's giv'n a peace sign

i apologize for not being around...

this peace corps thing is becoming very real-me
that's a good thing!-sam
it is! it is a good thing but i am... eez scary though, i used to hate that feeling of being content now that i am, i like it. it's something i'm not used to.-me

so i am in the process of possibly joining the peace corps and there has been one thing i have forgotten;
doing this makes the most sense for who i am, what i want to do in life, what i am called to do and it is the road that will help me get to where i want to be. it is the answer for starting the rest of my life.
however, can i do this? can i be isolated for two years, be away from my family? be away from my friends who i cherish? or be away from that person who loves me and who i want to be with?
then i think of all the things i won't have...possibly not being able to worship the lord like i want, wear the cloths i want, or have christmas dinner...will i be able to have skittles ever? or watch an american movie?!
i want to do this, i do! i can see myself doing this and thriving at it, it is just, there are so many variables that intertwine with this decision.
so, this is what i am going to do...go through the application process like i have been and remember that this is still a year away and not forget about the life i am living now...because right now, right this moment, i would not want to pass it up for anything.

*the pocket holds everything else in my life that i am not sure if i am ready to leave.

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